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Ecolight  began its operations in the central island of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Starting out with humble beginnings in India’s commercial capital, the company was always set out on creating a brighter future. Within a few years, Ecolight was a forerunner in the Indian and international markets. We are the manufacturer of Latest Dual SIM landline phone, new brand landline phone with sim. The company has crafted a legacy of its own, becoming the leader in product quality and innovation.

Ecolight’s aim to brighten the future took a giant leap forward with the inception of FOR. Built on the idea of improving lives, FOR develops techno-tronic solutions and groundbreaking advancements in the ways we communicate. Extensive research and development activities guide every process in the organisation. The company’s core values of dedication and innovation resonate in FOR, ensuring a constant strive for perfection. Our beliefs help us to display unparalleled standards of performance on the global stage. New brand wireless phone available in two colours balck and white. This phone fulfill the requirement of office desk business phone with dual sime and memory card wireless phone.It is best network GSM walkly phone. FOR hopes to boost technological advancements and create a flourishing atmosphere for innovation in the country.

"FOR a brighter life
FOR you"
NEW Brand wireless phone Manufacturers Handsfree-sms reply-call transfer

When an easy going and comfortably handled phone comes with more comfortable feature 'ITS LUXURY'. The latest new fixed wireless business phone comes with a hands free feature

OFFICE DESK PHONE WITH SIM Manufacturers Broad lcd

The dot matrix technology used in the phone with bright and wide screen will not let you miss anything and keep you a little free from distracting pop ups

DUAL SIM WITH MEMORY CARD WIRLESS PHONE manufacturers Call Recorder & Auto Call Recorder

Whether it's your loved ones voice or an important business conversation, a call recorder is always handy and useful. The business phone comes with this feature, very loud and clear

BEST NETWORK PHONE Manufacturers Language

The linguistically efficient phone allows you to be smart and running with time and task on your terms, the business phone supports both Hindi and English so that your expression stays original

GSM walkiy Phone manufacturers Built -in fm radio and mp3 function

The FM is rocking and full of information. How can a phone miss it? The business phone is laced up with FM feature to give you a fun experience of an on air conversation

NEW Brand LANDLINE PHONE manufacturers Storage and support

Information is a thing to save and keep secure. The internal memory of 128+64 MB with expandable memory card upto 32GB, let's you keep all your information safe and secured, right in your business phone

Latest Landline phone with SIM manufacturers Automatic Answering

The business phone is a smart device which makes you more efficient and connected. Now, no call will go unanswered with the automatic answering feature of the business phone

Latest Dual SIM landline phone manufacturers Dual Sim Card

The business phone comes with a dual sim card option, which has become mandatory of time. This facilitates you to get a quick connection and start your communication to boost the business

New FIXED wireless phone manufacturer Screen Lock

Your profession is more effective with the contacts. Contacts which are not always meant to be seen and shared thus a screen lock with the business phone

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Calendar and Clock

Finding the balance of work and life, dates and meetings is a mandate, we often lose their track while working. The business phone shows it clear as,the time and dates are prime tools of management

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Conference Call

A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time.

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life 4 Digit Screen Lock

Your profession is more effective with the contacts. Contacts which are not always meant to be seen and shared thus a screen lock with the business phone

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Hotline

Hotline will make it easy for you to connect point to point communication links with your preferred emergency service or person immediately.

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Emergency

Your emergency contact is simply a button away, ensuring you and your business stay safe always.

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Customised Incoming Ringtone

The business phone will identify your caller and give them a new tune for you to recognize them. This feature is very different and unique due to its enormous use

GSM walkiy Phone manufacturers Signal booster

Extra-long wired antenna to make you connected in every place.

Fortechno | FOR A Brighter Life Micro USB charger

Micro USB is a miniaturized version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface developed for connecting compact and mobile devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices, photo printers and digital cameras.